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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sand Racing at Mablethorpe

This was on Boxing Day.

This photo was post processed using the latest version of Picasa (3.9), via the new "Fun and Useful Image Processing" Cross Processing feature.

Unfortunately Picasa 3.9 has a few bugs that need fixing before I'd recommend it. Stick with 3.8 if you can for now. In particular it has added/removed photos from a number of my Picasa Albums, spuriously added location information to a few photos (it has not changed any original photo files) and it "merges" similar photos in full screen slideshow mode. These bugs are all known to the Picasa team so hopefully we'll see a new release soon.

Before Picasa 3.9 the "Fun and Useful Image Processing" options were only available in Picnik, the online photo editor that's directly accessible from Picasa.


  1. Despite the Picasa processing issues, this is a great image.

  2. Thanks. And despite the issues it's a lot easier using these post processing features in Picasa directly (rather than via Picnik).


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