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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey, a photo by lincoln_eye on Flickr.

Frequently seen and much talked about this summer.


  1. I do like this technique. How did you do it? The mosaic of grey sky is great. I have not seen this done before. Thanks for sharing your imagination on my pelican shot. Made me start the weekend laughing. I will share your comment on my facebook site. Have a fab weekend.

    1. A lot of hard yakka :-) I used Photoshop to crop the required size rectangle out of each of 50 photos and then brought them onto a new canvas for the final mosaic (there is a "snap to" feature that means it's easy to get the small rectangles to line up). In Photoshop parlance I then had a picture with 50 layers completely covering the background layer.

      I'm glad you liked my pelican comment, I had fun too!

    2. Thanks Lincoln. It does sound like a lot have hard yakka. I've not used photoshop. Have done some basic editing on gimp e,g. Pelican silhouette currently in my popular post side bar. Have a couple more gimped images coming up soon. Catch you at the Star Wars Bar.

    3. I've just checked and it can be done in GIMP - it has the same layers concept as Photoshop. Areas of grey sky can be cropped, resized and saved as jpgs. Then simply copy and paste all the grey rectangles onto a single canvas. In GIMP you can Snap To grid lines and document bounds so lining them up should be reasonably easy. I'd start with something easier than 50 tiles though - one of my Olympic Torch pics from late June was also done this way but only 4 tiles.


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